Pork Tenderloin Surprise Package

*Ingredients are per portion

Ingredients (for each package)

2 slices of bacon

1-1/2 inch slice of pork tenderloin

salt & pepper

1/4 inch slice of white onion

1/2 inch slice of tomato (Fresh from the garden is the best)

1/4 inch green pepper (in a chunk)

1 slice of cheese (Your choice- Mozzarella works well)



Cook indirect (Coals arranged in a circular fashion on the outside area of the grill- No direct heat under product)

Begin package by crossing 2 slices of bacon and placing slice of pork tenderloin where bacon slices cross. Season with salt and pepper. Place onion on top of pork tenderloin, then tomato and finally green pepper. Bring bacon slices up around stack and secure on top with a toothpick. Place tenderloin package on cooking grill directly above drip pan and cook 55 minutes (or until pork reaches 170 degrees internal heat). Place slice of cheese on top and heat until cheese melts.

Each package serves one. Try serving with Garlic Angel Hair Pasta or Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus for a great meal.